Audition Taping


At Frat Pack Productions...

We provide high quality audition tapes with top notch coaching in a comfortable taping environment to ensure you get the best audition possible.

Open 6 days a week with easy, online scheduling to book your next audition taping at your convenience.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm, Saturday 11 am - 5 pm, Sunday - Closed.

Please remember to send your sides and any taping instructions prior to your appointment to


Taping Prices

15 Minutes (1 Liners and Slate Shots) - $10
30 Minutes - $20
60 Minutes - $35

Why Clients Love Us

This place is awesome for self taping. I recently had to do a self taping for a Shakespeare play audition that was out of state and wanted it to look professional instead of doing it at home. The audition consisted of two scenes, a monologue, a song and my slate. We did everything in an hour. Everyone here is professional and knowledgeable. The coaching that they offer is great. The pricing is fair. The facility is nice. In comparison to Argentum in LA they are amazing. Self taping at a facility is less of a hassle and convenient when you are under pressure to get things right.
-Renell W.