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Photo by Ildo Frazao/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Ildo Frazao/iStock / Getty Images

Membership is $79 per month for unlimited tapings. 


Coaching included…

Terms and Conditions will apply: 1-2 page auditions - 20 min maximum, 3-5 page auditions - 40 min maximum, 6+ page auditions - 60 min maximum. If member feels they need more time than what is outlined above, please contact Frat Pack staff for approval, to avoid additional fees or charges. If audition exceeds scheduled time, non-member rates may apply for additional time used ($15 per 20 min). Multiple appointments for the same audition are not permitted without prior approval. Taped callbacks do not require approval. Members may cancel or reschedule appointments up to 1 hr before appointment start time. If appointment is not canceled or rescheduled 1 hr or more in advance, member will be charged for the missed appointment as a non-member ($15 for every 20 min).

Fill out the form below, to let us know you are interested.  you will not be billed till your first appointment.  Once you join all your auditions for the next 30 days will be covered.  This will be a recurring payment that requires 30 days notice for cancellation.  If you are not a member yet, you may still schedule this time. You will be charged the membership fee upon arrival.

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By clicking her I agree to the terms of the membership. Membership charge will recur every 30 days. *Requires 30 days notice for Cancellation.
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