Audition Taping


Frat Pack Productions is the premier location for audition taping services in the Atlanta, area. Open 6 days a week, with easy online scheduling.  We tape with Canon DSLR Cameras and multiple external microphones in each room, to offer superior quality audio and video for your audition.  While we take pride in the quality of the audio and video and understand how important this is, we realize that in this day and age you can receive those things at any number of taping services around the city.  Where we stand out is in our coaching, which is included with every taping.  Our taping professionals have booked a number of films, television shows, and commercials, not only in Atlanta, but in the entire southeast region and beyond. Even with coaching included we try to keep our prices, which start at just $20, equal to or lower than most taping services in the area.  We are focused on growing this market and believe that the more quality auditions that are turned in to casting directors, the bigger the roles coming here will be.  We offer a loyalty card program, where if you come for ten paid tapings you get $20 off your eleventh.

Please remember to send your sides and any taping instructions prior to your appointment to





We believe that continuing education is essential to grow the Atlanta Area film and television industry.  That is why we offer classes with teachers who we know and trust.  Please continue to check here as we grow our education program and offer more classes in the future










We are so committed to growing this market that we will soon be offering workshops at our location covering a wide array of industry topics.  The difference between our workshops and many others is that ours will be education based, with various actors and other people working in the industry who have gathered a wealth of knowledge they wish to pass on to you.  Our workshops will never be a pay to play scenario.  Workshops are a necessary part of any actor's training.  The right workshops are invaluable to the working actor. We strive to bring in the best people to help you better your craft.  Check back often to see what we've got coming up for you





Taping Prices

  • 20 Minutes $20

  • 40 Minutes $30

  • 60 Minutes $45

  • Monthly Membership $99




Current/Upcoming  Classes



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Upcoming Workshops

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